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After the success of the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color, Nintendo continued betting on the market of portable consoles by launching what was probably the best portable console (in terms of catalog) of the company: the Game Boy Advance.

A larger screen, two new buttons, and a much higher power than its predecessors opened a new world of possibilities to the games, and the developers, of course, knew how to make the most of this console with great titles and, in addition, remastering and compilations of games from classic Nintendo consoles, such as the NES or SNES.

Unless we have this console stored in a closet, today it is difficult to buy a unit and also find certain games to play with them. However, thanks to the emulators it is possible to play any of the GBA games on our computer or device again to remember old times and devote a few hours to our favorite games.

Game Boy Advance games have the extension .gba, and we can now find a lot of emulators for this great Nintendo console. Next, we will see the best Game Boy Advance emulators that we can find to play GBA games from different OS and Windows.

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Why Download a GBA Emulator For Android?

Many programming language developers are also very fond of retro video games and have developed applications capable of playing GBA ROMs. So anyone can enjoy the entire video game experience using a smartphone.

One of the biggest reasons why downloading a Game Boy Advance emulator is because it is almost impossible to play these games on other consoles.

But with the help of a simulator, everything is possible. Users who download applications for Android or iPhone will have the opportunity to enjoy the most popular games of this console and choose which ones they want to try from a huge catalog. But these are not all the benefits, there are also some advantages that attract a lot of attention, such as the following:

  • When you download a GBA emulator, not only will you have the reach to the console games, but it is also compatible with any product of any version of Game Boy.
  • They also usually have ample storage space to save games.
  • The most advanced Game Boy Advance emulator even allows you to play with friends online.
  • Most simulators seek to offer an intuitive and extremely similar image to the original console, so the experience is very real.
  • Most GBA ROMs are free, unlike the real Game Boy Advance in which you have to buy each cartridge for a very high price.

The Best GBA Emulators For Android and iPhone

In the digital world, there are many alternatives to download a Game Boy Advance emulator for Android or for iPhone since they are amateur programming projects, that is, they are not produced directly by Nintendo or the official video game companies.

That said, we must bear in mind that not everyone meets expectations. This is why here you will gather a list of the best emulators for Game Boy Advance that exist, for both Android and iOS.

1.- GBA Emulator

gba emulator for android

It has an almost perfect score in the Android Play Store. Also, all opinions about this emulator are really good. It is very fast to load the games and does not show many ads when playing.

GBA Emulator is very popular since it is not only capable of playing GBA ROMs in different languages, but also contains a huge gallery with titles of adventure, action, racing, among others. It is not even necessary to download the ROMs first on the computer and then on the mobile.

The emulator is known for being simple and for being able to run all the games you want to run. Of course, it has no characteristics in the first place, but for anyone looking for simplicity, this is the way to go. However, you get some advanced features.

For example, it allows you to customize the controls, is available for free, allows you to use a physical controller, covers all the basic characteristics and you can use its free version.

2.- John GBA Lite

best gba emulators

This is the reduced version of the John GBA for Android devices with low storage capacity. It weighs only 3.4 Mb and is available for Android versions greater than 4.1.

The most outstanding features of John GBA Lite is its compatibility with controllers via Bluetooth, its high-quality rendering, its ability to support compressed files and that you can also customize the buttons of a wireless controller to play.

Although this version is totally free, you can buy the complete application in the Play Store. It is one of the best options since it eliminates ads completely.

This emulator uses the original GBA engine for an amazing experience, allows on-screen controls and you can stop and even accelerate the game if you want. Also, the emulator supports cloud backups through DropBox and works completely offline.

3.- GBA4iOS

best gba emulators for ios

This is an exclusive GBA iOS emulator for iPhone and iPad. It is available only for operating systems larger than 8.1 and with it, you can play and download console ROMs on the mobile device.

In the GBA4iOS there is the possibility to customize all the settings to have more optimized gaming experience. Right now, this is the only emulator that works correctly for mobile devices with this operating system.

4.- My Boy

best ios gba emulators

My Boy is an amazing one, next on this list. This is one of the most popular iOS emulator available on Google Play Store. The features of this emulator are quite amazing, it supports WiFi, bluetooth and higher link cable as well.

This emulator gives most of the control to the gamer, it was kept in mind while development of this emulator. The features are amazing, to make your gaming experience worthwhile.

My Boy is certainly one of the best in many ways when compared to others. Like, it supports link cable emulator with high speed. Use your phone’s hardware to make the experience far better.

5.- GBA.emu

top gba emulators

GBA.emu has many features to boot, which makes it one of the best GBA emulators available in the Play Store.

I can assure you that GBA.emu is one of the most powerful GBA emulators for PCs, and for all the right reasons. I just think the developer should present a trial version for those who want to try things.

This emulator supports fast saving, users can use cheat codes to alter the gaming experience and have the possibility of using hardware controls.

6.- mGBA

best gba emulator android

Another GBA emulator that has earned the trust of the most demanding users but for Windows is mGBA. This emulator has opted for functionality and simplicity to gain the trust of users for whom VBA seems too complicated. Within its simple interface this emulator hides a large number of patches to ensure the proper functioning of all games in the Nintendo catalog and, in addition, is customizable and compatible with the classic Gameshark tricks.

7.- Visualboy Advance

gba emulator for iphone

Without a doubt, one of the most veteran emulators, and, therefore, one of the best and best known for playing GBA games on our computer is Visualboy Advance.

This emulator has a large number of functions and features that make it, probably, one of the best, such as its compatibility with Game Boy and Game Boy Color (to have the 3 consoles in one).

In addition to having a large number of filters to improve the quality of the games, the possibility of completely mapping the controls (even using the emulator with PC controls), allows you to take screenshots and save them and also has several storage spaces to save points Starting and loading them easily.

8.- Higan

iphone gba emulators

This is another emulator also known especially for its simplicity. This emulator does not have as many features as the previous ones, but it has specialized mainly in offering users an emulator compatible with all titles without problems and, in addition, very simple to configure and launch.

This emulator is also compatible with other platforms, such as NES, SNES, GB, GBC, and Sega, being able to have an emulator very easy to use and compatible with a wide catalog.

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We can admit that upon reaching a conclusion, PC emulators are way ahead in the game when compared to Android emulators. You have a long list of emulators to choose from, in case of PC. Almost all are free too.

However, list of emulators on Android is pretty small, but evolving with time. Higher-level emulators are paid for a good reason. They provide the right experience in which gamers are actually interested in.

This list include the best 8 emulators that a gamer can use, as of now. We’ll be updating more, if more emulator comes for Android. Keep visiting our websites for more such articles.

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