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Football is considered the king sport due to a large number of followers it has worldwide. Many times the games of this sport can not be seen for free and without obligation since you have to pay subscription channels that are very expensive and other times you have to go to a bar or restaurant to see these football matches or worse, you cannot watch the match because you have to work.

Fortunately, there are streaming websites to watch football matches from the comfort of your home and from your smartphone or computer. It should be noted that many of these pages are completely free and others charge a small commission for the service.

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Next, we introduce you to the Top 8 Best Football Streaming Sites so you never miss any match of your favorite football team.

1.- LiveTV

football streaming sites

If you want to watch any football game for free, then LiveTV is for you. This web application offers you free links that take you to watch your favorite game online and at any time.

Being able to have access to any football game and for free, is a dream come true for lovers of this sport. Imagine watching your favorite team play from the comfort of your home, with friends or family and meanwhile, share a delicious meal. If you were looking for an option to enjoy a game in high-quality of the Santander League, the Premier League, the Champions League or the Europa League, this page will be of great help.

This is undoubtedly the best platform option to watch football online completely free. It is not necessary to fill out registration forms and it has the advantage that not only can be seen on computers, but it can also be downloaded and installed on electronic devices such as tablets or phones.

On the other hand, it should be noted that on this website can also enjoy those fans of tennis, basketball, ice hockey, billiards, cricket, volleyball, rugby, MotoGP, Formula 1, handball, athletics, darts, weightlifting, boxing, and many other sports. You can also see the days and times your favorite team plays and score tables completely free.

The good news is that in order to have access to favorite football or sports games, you won’t need to install anything. You just have to go to the transmission part and select your favorite game. You can see that there are many matches that are being broadcast live and you will differentiate them because they have a red label. Choose the option you want most so that the page offers you the links divided by languages, transmission speed, best score, and its quality. Now enjoying your favorite football game is possible.

2.- Facebook Sports

stream football online

The streaming platform on Facebook has been the biggest and most important news for football lovers since the arrival of the sport on TV. Last year several teams broadcast their entire games from their Fan Page, making thousands of fans enjoy for free. Although they were friendly matches, the idea caused such a good reception that it is studied to start putting certain open matches.

There are many European teams that have repeated this, and next year, it is contemplated to transmit matches through a completely legal and free Facebook platform.

The first professional football league that signed this type of contract with Facebook curiously was the Spanish League in 2018. In this 2019 the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish football Cup, were broadcast on the official website of the League and on Facebook, the sports page of the social network that shares the main live streaming.

3.- William Hill TV

free football streaming

This option is the favorite of many football lovers, since unlike other platforms (such as those on the betting pages), in William Hill you do not need to put any money, but offers a completely free service and lets you watch matches broadcast directly from the Williamhill.com portal, as long as you have an account. No first payments or bonuses needed.

The offer of events is super large, you have from the Spanish League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1. You can even see third level leagues, such as the South African league, or Eastern European leagues.

And not only is it reduced to football, but you can also watch for free any other sport, such as tennis, golf, formula 1 or even Moto GP. Definitely an option to consider if you are streaming sports lovers.

4.- FootyTube

how to stream football

I have no doubt, that this website is the best if what you are looking for is information, both in video and text, about what happened in football in your country and in different leagues. It publishes everything related to the day of European leagues, Champions or worldwide and European teams included.

It gives you mini summaries or repeated matches. The summaries of the most outstanding matches can be seen from the moment that the match ended. It also gives you coaches press conferences and comments from post-game players.

It also retransmits the previous matches and gives comments on what can happen in the meeting. The chronicles are usually very professional and a pleasure to read. It shows that they are passionate about football. It is one of the few websites that has been kept open because it does not violate copyright.

5.- Bet365 Streaming

watch football online free

If you want to watch football streaming on this betting website called Bet365 you just have to be registered and have a positive balance in bets. A trick to not spend money is to make a minimum bet of 10 cents and thus be able to enjoy the whole game for free. Check the option “Live” and watch the game that interests you. There are always all online matches regardless of the championship or country.

Bet365 has extensive programming covering several leagues such as the Spanish League, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1, among many others. They are all 100% legal parties since they are the ones who pay the license to be able to broadcast from their website.

6.- SportLemon

top football streaming sites

On this sports entertainment website, sports fans will enjoy watching their favorite players play live. For this reason, if you do not have a TV nearby at the time of the broadcast of the football game, do not worry that in SportLemon you can enjoy from your smartphone.

This page is one of the most visited by users because its interface is very simple to use and broadcast football games in HD and with a 3D quality, so its quality is high. Another reason why SportLemon is very visited is because you will not need to download any additional program.

On the other hand, in SportLemon you will not need to register on its page to enjoy the best sporting events through any device with an internet connection. It is very easy to access the content of this site so you can enjoy any online sports content just by clicking on the button of your favorite event.

7.- Acestream

stream football free

This is one of the best-known applications on Windows and Android to watch TV and live sports. It stands out for the quality that its emissions offer through P2P networks. It is extremely easy to use and you only need a link to start playing the desired match.

At present, this application is more popular than for example, Sopcast for its ease and smooth operation. It is based on VLC Media Player, so most of its functions will be very familiar.

8.- Splive

top football streaming sites

Designed for mobile phones, Splive Player is a simple Android player that includes different video sections that capture content from different video-on-demand services. Very useful for tablets, it also allows you to listen to the radio wherever you go and share your favorite events on social networks.

In addition, the new update has tried to reinvent itself according to the needs of the users and the suggestions that they have been launching, and those cover aspects as varied as a load of favorite programming and the parental control of the contents.

It is compatible with Android and Mac, and can even be used to embed the player in question on your website. Although time may also pass without the application being updated, it is very useful as it offers different functions.

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Among these different functions, the transmission of football matches stands out where you can watch your favorite team play. You can also watch specific channels such as baseball, tennis, hockey, basketball and many other sports. No doubt any sports fan should have this application.

Definitely, this list of top & Best Football Streaming Sites where you can watch football for free, online, and live is one of the best selections you will find available on the internet, always within the law.

No doubt football fans are always in search of new options to enjoy their favorite teams. Now it doesn’t matter that you can’t watch the game, choose one of these pages that we offer you here so you don’t miss any results.

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