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If you are a good literature lover, we are sure that you have long since discovered the benefits of eBooks. This technology not only allows us to keep all our readings in order in one place (avoiding misplacement) but also makes it easier for us to meet other authors, whom we would not have been able to access in our local bookstore.

To download and enjoy our favorite books, there is nothing better than doing it through those pages that offer links to download through Torrent since it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it. In many cases, torrent websites are blocked in certain countries. Google has also taken steps to prevent users from accessing trackers; some examples include censorship of some websites of search results and the problem of Chrome Adblock.

If the download of torrents is blocked in your country, a VPN can overcome blockages and keep you safe. Keep in mind that even in countries where downloading torrents it’s legal, downloading copyrighted material is usually not. We support freedom of access and to choose for oneself, but we do not encourage illegal activity.

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To proceed with this, you need a list of Torrents search engines. Next, we offer you the Top 8 Best Ebook Torrenting Sites.

Ebook Torrenting Sites List

1.- The Pirate Bay

ebook torrenting sites

If you want to download e-books for free, The Pirate Bay website will be of great help as it is one of the most used platforms by different users to download their books and other content as well.

On this famous website, you will find many download torrents in an interface that is very simple even for those beginners. And for them who never heard about torrent downloads, we want to tell you that this is a very fast way to pass files between users through the internet.

Sometimes, you will meet a Pirate Bay that has a different domain. This happens because the page is often inactive with some frequency. But for your good luck, you can always use this website through its mirrored pages.

Why Choose The Pirate Bay?

  • It is one of the sites with the most torrent download links that exist.
  • Users who share content are trusted.
  • You can always find different mirror pages when any of their domains do not work.


best ebook torrent sites

Since 2008, this famous page works very well, which is why it has won one of the most privileged places for those who wish to download their favorite books by torrent. These torrents are very reliable and the good thing is that users add electronic books constantly.

Everyone who loves to read should visit RARBG because the way of downloading reading material is very easy. For this reason, this website is widely visited by many users where they exchange materials in 4k constantly.

In addition, we know that many web pages have been closed, however, this native platform of Bulgaria has remained standing despite everything and every day more users choose it.

Like The Pirate Bay, RARBG sometimes does not work, so its domain is constantly changing. You can try https://rarbgmirror.com/index70.php but if you cannot open the website, you should go for Rarbg proxies.

Why Choose RARBG?

  • You can download quality material.
  • You can read the news in its Blog section.

3.- TorLock

top ebook torrenting sites

In addition to the pages mentioned above, TorLock is another platform widely used by those who wish to download books. The administrators who are responsible for maintaining this website work daily to share the best torrents of the network to download.

Here you will also find a wide variety of reading material but also in other categories such as movies or why not, audiobooks. As for its appearance, many users do not agree although that does not affect the decision of its use when it comes to free downloads.

Why Choose TorLock?

  • You can find trusted torrents
  • Fake torrents are reported

4.- YTS

ebook torrenting sites list

Although many users use this page to download the premiere movies, it is also true that many others choose it to download books by different authors and genres.

The domain of this page changes frequently as is the case with most platforms that offer torrent links but can always be found among their proxy sites. Another fact to keep in mind is that this page has nothing to do with the old page known as YIFI, which no longer exists.

On the other hand, YTS is a popular page because its platform is compatible with all types of devices, so if we access it from a PC or mobile device, we will also enjoy all its functions and read our favorite e-book on our phone or tablet.

Also, this great platform is known for its visual appearance for having a simple interface with its home-page search engine. This makes thousands of users choose it, thus placing YTS among the best torrent download pages on the network.

Another reason why this platform is widely used is that users can request certain content and in the same way you can collaborate with them sharing your favorite books. To have these benefits you must create a profile account.

Why Choose YTS?

  • The efficient search filter facility your search content.
  • The platform is compatible with all types of devices.

5.- 1337X

best ebook sites list

If we talk about good visual appearance, 1337X takes first place. This platform is beautifully designed and organized in such a way that it makes it easy for users to find any content they wish to search for.

This site contains many torrents, among them, those books that you are passionate about to be part of your collection. Also, you can find the most downloaded torrents in its latest trends section, which are updated frequently. It can also help users find good torrents to download in case they need it.

Why Choose 1337X?

  • Very organized content.
  • You can find long-standing torrents.

6.- Torrentz2.eu

what are the best ebook torrenting sites

Surely you have heard about Torrentz2. This platform offers a wide variety of torrents ready to download. We can say that this page is the new version of Torrentz, which also fulfills the same function of collecting all the available torrents of the network.

In addition to using your searches to streamline your content searches, you also have the option to find torrents of verified users to find those books you like so much and download them quickly. In this way, you can start a great ebook collection.

Why Choose Torrentz2?

  • Its database is very large and is updated every day.
  • To avoid blocking, the page use .Onion address
  • Its interface is very simple to use.

7.- LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is on our list of the top & best ebook torrenting sites. This is another website that hosts torrents in different categories including television series, movies, ebooks, games, applications, and anime.

It seems quite easy to find a trusted torrent and what makes this website one of the best torrent sites is the periodic content update it offers. The torrent site features separate web pages where it provides updated lists of the 100 most popular torrents and the most recent torrents uploaded to the site.

In addition, users can create a profile account so in that way, you can also upload torrents, write comments about the materials, and exchange messages with other users, among other functions.

Why Choose LimeTorrents?

  • You can find verified torrents easy to detect.
  • An updated list of the best torrents with the new torrents ready to download.

8.- Torrents

best ebook download sites

Torrents.me also do the job of searching torrents on other websites. But before starting to compare it with Torrentz2, the website has much more to offer than just being a search engine for torrents. In fact, Torrents.me collects data from other sites looking for torrents.

To meet your torrent needs, Torrents.me lists numerous torrent sites and separates them into different categories. For example, users can easily find the best torrent sites to find their favorite books and movies by visiting the corresponding category page.

Why Use Torrents.io?

  • Meta torrent search engine with extensive lists of sites and torrents ready to download.
  • Search trend chart for popular queries.

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Don’t Fall For The Torrents Impersonators

As we mentioned before, many pages that were popular for downloading torrent have already gone out of circulation, that is the case of Extratorrent and IsoHunt. If you still think these torrent sites exist, then you are probably visiting an imitation website. Similarly, there may also be cloning websites for KickAss Torrents.

If you are a fan of ebooks and a torrent enthusiast, you can use our list of the Top 8 Best Ebook Torrenting Sites to immediately download those books that you want to read so much and that you may not find on many websites.

We would like to remind you that our list of the best torrent sites has the sole purpose of providing information and finding legal content on torrent websites.

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