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Lighters are mostly used for smoking but smoking sure has more than just cigs and there are more to it. There are too many things that lighters are used for and for that reason there are tons of different lighters available out there. The range of lighters has increased in all ways from price to features and brands so it’s hard to find the one suitable for one. It can get hard to find the lighters that are durable and worth buying as the price also have a range from affordable to limited editions. You can buy cheap lighter made of cheap materials that would last a week or two and get useless but that would be a waste of money. A proper lighter must be long-lasting, safe and reusable even if it is exhausted and it’s not easy to find a lighter with all the qualities.

This article is about the Stoners that prefer the bongs to get high and these bongs are different from other things to smoke. Bongs can sometimes be used outdoor and they sure need extra good lighter that can work for them. A lighter that can keep up the flames even in outside and lit the bong in a proper way. Here is a simple list of some best lighters out there that stoners can use to get high any time.

Best Bong Lighters Brands

Zippo Lighter

Zippo is one of the big brands in the lighter industry and you can get all the different types of lighters by them. They also make lighters suitable for stoners to get high at any time. The lighter is efficient and safe with all the necessary features fit into it. These lighters come in different colors and designs so you can get one that suits you the most from the wide variety. It runs on the fluid and gives of flames with it that and it can be used over and over with refills. Just get the fluid bottle of Zippo and you can use the same lighter as long as you get the refills. It is a good choice for stoners and this lighter will last long enough for you to use it a life long with refills. No doubt zippo is one of the best lighter for bongs. You can go for it, any-day without second thought.

Tesla coil lighters USB rechargeable

Tesla is a reliable and leading brand for sure and the Tesla coil lighters are surely good. These are electric lighters that don’t throw flames but ignite on the flameless tip. These are safe and serve good for lighting a blunt to smoke. It comes with a USB charging cable and can run for weeks on a full charge. It has a great design and premium feel and is windproof so get stoned even if there is some wind. The Tesla coil lighter is not so costly and you can get it without hurting your budget. The brand itself is a reliable thing and you get to show off the stylish looks and premium design of the lighter that serves the purpose.

Plazmatic X lighter

These are the Lighters that work flamelessly and doesn’t run on fluid material. The lighter has great exterior and designs to choose from to get the perfect fitting one. It is rechargeable and comes with the charging cable with it. The flames of this lighter are really something and go to a much higher temperature with the electric rays. It has windproof flames so can serve great for outdoor use and can surely substitute the lighters with flames that go off with winds. This lighter surely won’t be going anywhere soon and can make it a lot easier for you to stay on the same lighter.

Refillable BIC Lighter

BIC lighters are the classic lighters that any individual would love to use and these are not similar to the high-tech lighters. The lighters have a long life and you just have to keep up with the refills and you will be good to go. It comes with a lot of variety and designs for you to choose from and it sure makes it easier to choose. The safety is ensured by professionals with the tests in water for any kind of leakage after refills. The lighters can keep up with the refills and live as long as you need them to work perfectly. This refill type lighter is also a good option for stoners that are looking for a good lighter that can keep up with them. You will love the looks and premium feel of the lighter that is one of the main features of any fancy item like lighter.

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