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Anime is basically Japanese animated TV shows and movies. The word anime was derived from animation in 1917. Anime has been getting popularity all over the world and people have been looking for best anime streaming sites.

Despite most of the anime being in Japanese language only, people all over the word are still watching it by using subtitles. However, some of the anime has been dubbed in English and various other languages as well. If you live outside of Japan, you obviously cannot watch anime on your cable TV. Also, there’s no official platform to stream anime online if you belong to any other country except Japan. In this article, we’ve listed some great anime streaming sites like kissanime.

best anime streaming sites

The only way outsiders can stream anime is through online websites. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of best websites to stream anime online that you can choose from. Here’s the list:-

Best Sites to Watch Anime Online for Free:

You can watch English dubbed and subbed anime on these websites easily. Checkout now:

1. Crunchyroll

best free anime websites list

Crunchyroll is by far the most popular website to stream anime as well as read manga. This website is safe to use and is completely legal too. Crunchyroll has a premium subscription that will cost you $7.99 plus taxes. With this premium subscription you can stream unlimited anime and read any number of manga for the subscribed month.

The premium subscription has a 4-day free trial which the user can opt for. Once the trial ends, you’re required to pay the subscription fee. However, the subscription can be cancelled anytime as per your wish. So if you want to use crunchyroll only for the trial period, you’re free to do s.

2. Animelab

best sites to watch anime online

Animelab can be accessed through the online website as well as the official app. Animelab app is available for android, IOS, playstation and Xbox. This website is free to use and is legal too. You can watch unlimited anime without any restrictions. While streaming you basically have two options. One option lets you watch the anime instantly in the Japanese language. However, the other option is suitable for non-japanese speakers and lets the users to watch dubbed version of the anime along with native subtitles.

The biggest drawback of Animelab is that it is only available in Autralia and New Zealand. This website will soon be available in more countries. However, at the moment, it is exclusive to only two countries mentioned above.

3. Anime-Planet

stream anime online free

Anime-planet is another great website to stream anime for free online. It has a massive collection of over 45,000 anime as well as manga. In order to stream through this website, you’ll need to sign up and create and account over here. Once you’ve created an account, you can stream any number of anime any number of time.

The inbuilt player on this website supports subtitles as well as multiple audio languages. It has various sections that let you browse popular and trending anime. So if you’re not sure which anime you should watch, you can always browse the sections. This website has a community forum as well as a blog. On the forum, thousands of anime fans discuss over various topics daily whereas the blog is updated daily with fresh reviews and recommendations.

4. Gogoanime

online anime streaming

Gogoanime is an old as well as popular anime streaming website. It has a great collection of anime to choose from. There are various categories and genres that the anime are divided into. This website might be annoying to some users due to the advertisements this website is filled with.

You can either sign in with your credentials or sign up for a new account and start streaming. It has a blog section where you can find various reviews as well as manga recommendations. Every anime on this website has a rating that is located right under the thumbnail of the anime. Gogoanime is updated regularly with fresh episodes.

5. Animefreak

free anime streaming websites

If it wasn’t for the annoying number of advertisements and an ugly user interface, this website would have been ranked on the top. Just like any other website in the list, animefreak has an insane collection of anime as well as manga. All the anime uploaded on this website have a specified genre, short description as well as a rating.

While streaming, you can either watch the anime in Japanese language or can select the audio language that has been provided. Subtitles can be added to the player for better understanding of the anime. It has various sections such as ongoing anime, latest anime, popular anime etc. that makes the browsing very easy.

6. AnimeHeaven

watch anime online free

AnimeHeaven is an excellent choice for anyone looking to watch the latest anime shows as soon as they are released. They specialise in providing both subbed and dubbed anime titles for their users to enjoy. Users of AnimeHeaven will also find it extremely easy to browse through good shows as the website has a “Most Watched” section alongside the usual genre split. The latest additions on the website can also be checked on the website homepage.

AnimeHeaven shows the number of episodes alongside each of its show’s listings. This helps users choose a show to watch with the ability to plan watch timings according to their schedule. While using this streaming service, one is not just limited to anime shows as it also contains a ton of animated movies. The service is completely free to use although it does have a decent amount of ads that pop up. 

Anime is a world on its own. It allows you to experience fantasy and real life based stories just with the help of 2D landscapes in motion. While some may argue otherwise, watching anime shows helps you become a better person as it teaches you the simplest of things in life which can be used as personality traits.

7. Animedao

top anime streaming sites list

Animedao is an outstanding anime streaming platform that contains a large library of anime shows and Korean drama. It contains both dubbed and original shows in high-definition. In terms of the user interface, it has a simple yet premium looking dark theme with shows split into categories which makes finding your favourite show.

The website also runs daily anime news to help its users stay updated. This also applies to the streaming front at Animedao as the company constantly adds new shows as soon as they are publicly released. It also has a dedicated chat feature that allows users to interact with the company’s members and fellow users which helps tremendously as you get to exchange views about a particular show helping the community make better show choices. 

Animedao is free to use for everyone with no additional charges applied for any shows. However, it is worth noting that the website does have a few annoying ads which can be irritating at times.

8. Chia-anime

anime streaming websites

Streaming service Chia Anime is one of the most popular streaming sites amongst anime fans today. The service contains over 900 anime shows all available in high-definition and designated subtitles added to them. Other than that, the website sports a clean user interface that allows users to easily navigate for shows with the help of filters. 

Apart from being a streaming service, Chia Anime also has multiple sections for the anime enthusiasts to enjoy. These sections include Games, News, Manga, Forum, etc. In other words, it is the perfect place for any anime fan to spend time online. When it comes to cost, Chia Anime doesn’t charge anything as they do not have a premium plan. Users can use the streaming service for free. Although ads are going to be there, which is pretty annoying.

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This was our list of best anime streaming sites online that are free to use. Most of the sites mentioned in the list are legal. However, some of the websites aren’t completely legal but can be termed as safe to use. Comment below and let us know you favorite anime streaming site.

When it comes to finding an anime streaming service, it seems pretty much impossible these days. That is because the internet is currently spammed with a ton of fake anime websites that only fill your browser with ad pop-ups and at times don’t even have the show you are looking for. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you need to look no further and simply choose from our list of best anime websites.

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