6 Free Movie Streaming Websites – No Registration Required

Free Movie Streaming Sites Intro: These days, watching movies isn’t restricted to a place or a time. You can watch your favourite movies anytime anywhere with the help of free movie streaming sites. Be it an office, be it a traffic jam or be it a jungle, no matter where you are, a smartphone and an internet connection is all you need to watch a movie. Recently we shared the best anime streaming websites, and today we’ve decided to share movie streaming websites that requires no registration.

free movie streaming sites no registration

There are platforms like Netflix and Hulu that require a subscription fee to be paid. However, there are some websites that offer free movie streaming. In order to lessen your burden, we’ve made a list of best movie streaming sites without registration or sign up. Here’s the list of best movie streaming websites no registration:-

Best & Free Movie Streaming Websites List:

These websites require no sign up or registration in order to watch any movie. Just go there, search for the movie you are looking to watch and that’s it. Enjoy!!


Crackle has been in the market since 2004 and has Sony as its parent organization. These two reasons are enough to tell why it is the most credible movie streaming site at the moment. Apart from credibility, what makes this website better than others is the legality. Most of the movie watching sites, as we know, illegally upload pirated movies and video content. But, crackle is one such website that is completely legal and safe to use. Additionally, it has a great collection of movies and shows which are worth checking. 


AZMovies is another popular website for streaming movies online. It has an appealing user interface. Everything that you’ll ever need is right on the homepage. The homepage consists of mainly two sections, which are, recently added and featured. The recently added section can help you check movies that have been uploaded recently on the website whereas the featured tab is where the website recommends movies.

All the movies displayed on this website have a thumbnail and the video quality that it is available in is mentioned on the thumbnail itself. You can watch a movie in 720p as well as 1080p0 depending upon your internet speed.


Fmovies has one of the biggest collections of movies as well as TV shows and animes. Apart from streaming movies online, Fmovies lets you download them as well. Movies can be searched by typing their name in the search bar or through various sorting options that the site has provided.

This website has a collection of movies ranging from action and adventure to romance and even comedy. You can select the quality that you want to watch a particular movie in. Some of the movies are even available in multiple languages and subtitles.


MyDownload tube lets you stream as well as save movies offline. The best thing about this website is that you don’t necessarily have to create an account in order to start streaming. Once you launch the website, you can start streaming right away.

This website is absolutely free to use and won’t charge you any fee in any manner. MyDownloadTube has a list of movies from all parts of the world. This website isn’t a regional website and instead uploads movies from all over the world. You can find latest flicks as well as old classics that are very difficult to find anywhere.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive beats every other site in the list when it comes to the content quantity. This is a one stop solution to download or stream anything and everything including movies, TV shows, animes, e-books and even songs.

The UI of this website is unique and does not contain any sections or categories like the others. In order to download or stream a particular movie, just select it from the list of movies that the site has provided.


123Movies is a popular website and has received a god number of positive feedbacks from the users. This website has no country restrictions and people from any part of the world can use it to stream movies online. There are various options through which you can find or sort out a particular movie easily.

You can sort movies as per their popularity, genre, ratings or even release date. Before starting a movie, you can read about its plot, see the rating and know about the cast and director as well. All this information is available on the website itself and you won’t need to go to any third party website.


Finding good free movie streaming sites has become difficult these days. This is due to the increase in number of such websites which is expected to increase with even more rate in the near future. After listing out over 30 websites, using them personally and researching thoroughly, we have created the above list of movie streaming sites online.

All the sites mentioned in the list are completely safe to use. Comment below and let us know your favorite site from the list and whether we’ve missed out on any good movie streaming site.

Top 5 Best & Free Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Anime is basically Japanese animated TV shows and movies. The word anime was derived from animation in 1917. Anime has been getting popularity all over the world and people have been looking for best anime streaming sites.

Despite most of the anime being in Japanese language only, people all over the word are still watching it by using subtitles. However, some of the anime has been dubbed in English and various other languages as well. If you live outside of Japan, you obviously cannot watch anime on your cable TV. Also, there’s no official platform to stream anime online if you belong to any other country except Japan. In this article, we’ve listed some great anime streaming sites like kissanime.

The only way outsiders can stream anime is through online websites. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of best websites to stream anime online that you can choose from. Here’s the list:-

Best Sites to Watch Anime Online for Free:

You can watch English dubbed and subbed anime on these websites easily. Checkout now:

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is by far the most popular website to stream anime as well as read manga. This website is safe to use and is completely legal too. Crunchyroll has a premium subscription that will cost you $7.99 plus taxes. With this premium subscription you can stream unlimited anime and read any number of manga for the subscribed month.

The premium subscription has a 4-day free trial which the user can opt for. Once the trial ends, you’re required to pay the subscription fee. However, the subscription can be cancelled anytime as per your wish. So if you want to use crunchyroll only for the trial period, you’re free to do s.

2. Animelab

Animelab can be accessed through the online website as well as the official app. Animelab app is available for android, IOS, playstation and Xbox. This website is free to use and is legal too. You can watch unlimited anime without any restrictions. While streaming you basically have two options. One option lets you watch the anime instantly in the Japanese language. However, the other option is suitable for non-japanese speakers and lets the users to watch dubbed version of the anime along with native subtitles.

The biggest drawback of Animelab is that it is only available in Autralia and New Zealand. This website will soon be available in more countries. However, at the moment, it is exclusive to only two countries mentioned above.

3. Anime-Planet

Anime-planet is another great website to stream anime for free online. It has a massive collection of over 45,000 anime as well as manga. In order to stream through this website, you’ll need to sign up and create and account over here. Once you’ve created an account, you can stream any number of anime any number of time.

The inbuilt player on this website supports subtitles as well as multiple audio languages. It has various sections that let you browse popular and trending anime. So if you’re not sure which anime you should watch, you can always browse the sections. This website has a community forum as well as a blog. On the forum, thousands of anime fans discuss over various topics daily whereas the blog is updated daily with fresh reviews and recommendations.

4. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is an old as well as popular anime streaming website. It has a great collection of anime to choose from. There are various categories and genres that the anime are divided into. This website might be annoying to some users due to the advertisements this website is filled with.

You can either sign in with your credentials or sign up for a new account and start streaming. It has a blog section where you can find various reviews as well as manga recommendations. Every anime on this website has a rating that is located right under the thumbnail of the anime. Gogoanime is updated regularly with fresh episodes.

5. Animefreak

If it wasn’t for the annoying number of advertisements and an ugly user interface, this website would have been ranked on the top. Just like any other website in the list, animefreak has an insane collection of anime as well as manga. All the anime uploaded on this website have a specified genre, short description as well as a rating.

While streaming, you can either watch the anime in Japanese language or can select the audio language that has been provided. Subtitles can be added to the player for better understanding of the anime. It has various sections such as ongoing anime, latest anime, popular anime etc. that makes the browsing very easy.

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This was our list of best anime streaming sites online that are free to use. Most of the sites mentioned in the list are legal. However, some of the websites aren’t completely legal but can be termed as safe to use. Comment below and let us know you favorite anime streaming site.

Best Lighter to Use for Bong – Stoners Guide to Lighters

Lighters are mostly used for smoking but smoking sure has more than just cigs and there are more to it. There are too many things that lighters are used for and for that reason there are tons of different lighters available out there. The range of lighters has increased in all ways from price to features and brands so it’s hard to find the one suitable for one. It can get hard to find the lighters that are durable and worth buying as the price also have a range from affordable to limited editions. You can buy cheap lighter made of cheap materials that would last a week or two and get useless but that would be a waste of money. A proper lighter must be long-lasting, safe and reusable even if it is exhausted and it’s not easy to find a lighter with all the qualities.

This article is about the Stoners that prefer the bongs to get high and these bongs are different from other things to smoke. Bongs can sometimes be used outdoor and they sure need extra good lighter that can work for them. A lighter that can keep up the flames even in outside and lit the bong in a proper way. Here is a simple list of some best lighters out there that stoners can use to get high any time.

Best Bong Lighters Brands

Zippo Lighter

Zippo is one of the big brands in the lighter industry and you can get all the different types of lighters by them. They also make lighters suitable for stoners to get high at any time. The lighter is efficient and safe with all the necessary features fit into it. These lighters come in different colors and designs so you can get one that suits you the most from the wide variety. It runs on the fluid and gives of flames with it that and it can be used over and over with refills. Just get the fluid bottle of Zippo and you can use the same lighter as long as you get the refills. It is a good choice for stoners and this lighter will last long enough for you to use it a life long with refills. No doubt zippo is one of the best lighter for bongs. You can go for it, any-day without second thought.

Tesla coil lighters USB rechargeable

Tesla is a reliable and leading brand for sure and the Tesla coil lighters are surely good. These are electric lighters that don’t throw flames but ignite on the flameless tip. These are safe and serve good for lighting a blunt to smoke. It comes with a USB charging cable and can run for weeks on a full charge. It has a great design and premium feel and is windproof so get stoned even if there is some wind. The Tesla coil lighter is not so costly and you can get it without hurting your budget. The brand itself is a reliable thing and you get to show off the stylish looks and premium design of the lighter that serves the purpose.

Plazmatic X lighter

These are the Lighters that work flamelessly and doesn’t run on fluid material. The lighter has great exterior and designs to choose from to get the perfect fitting one. It is rechargeable and comes with the charging cable with it. The flames of this lighter are really something and go to a much higher temperature with the electric rays. It has windproof flames so can serve great for outdoor use and can surely substitute the lighters with flames that go off with winds. This lighter surely won’t be going anywhere soon and can make it a lot easier for you to stay on the same lighter.

Refillable BIC Lighter

BIC lighters are the classic lighters that any individual would love to use and these are not similar to the high-tech lighters. The lighters have a long life and you just have to keep up with the refills and you will be good to go. It comes with a lot of variety and designs for you to choose from and it sure makes it easier to choose. The safety is ensured by professionals with the tests in water for any kind of leakage after refills. The lighters can keep up with the refills and live as long as you need them to work perfectly. This refill type lighter is also a good option for stoners that are looking for a good lighter that can keep up with them. You will love the looks and premium feel of the lighter that is one of the main features of any fancy item like lighter.

How to Stream College Football Online for Free without Registration

Most of us look for a way to stream college football online without registration, but are unable to do so. Streaming through cable TVs isn’t practical in today’s world. Most of us have a busy schedule which often clashes with live matches of our favourite sport. Hence, streaming sports on mobile phones has become the new trend. You don’t need to register on any of these website in order to watch football online.

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College football season is almost up and people are looking for a way to watch college football online. This isn’t professional football and so there isn’t a single platform where you would be able to stream all the conferences. To lessen your burden, we’ve compiled a list of websites that lets you stream college football online for free. Here’s the list:-

Best Websites to Watch College Football Online for Free:


Stream2watch is a popular destination to stream sports online, especially college football. This website has a dark theme with black background which is suitable for streaming at night. This website is one stop solution for streaming all the sports worldwide even if the sport is country specific.

On the homepage, there’s nothing fancy and just two options as well as a search bar. The two options are “live sports” and “live TV’ which lets you streaming sports and live television respectively. Additionally, the search bar can be used to search for a particular stream or sport. Just search for whatever you wanna watch, you can watch football online on this website without registration easily.


Streamhub is another great sports streaming website that lets you stream NCAA football as well as other sports including cricket, hockey, tennis etc. The only drawback with this site is that it is blocked in certain regions and would require the users to use a VPN in order to launch the website.

Once you’ve turned on your VPN, the website runs smoothly without a flaw. All the sports and streaming links are categorized in a systematic way. For every sport or match, there are multiple streaming links to choose from. The streaming links provided on this site do not have a 100% success rate. However the success rate is quite higher than the alternatives.


This website, like streamhub, will require you to use a VPN. If you don’t use a VPN, you would be able to open the website. You can stream live college football matches as well as stay updated with the upcoming ones.

Additionally, you can check the results of previous matches and read the latest sports related news. If one of the streaming links fails to stream, you can try another one that is provided. Sections like “starting in a few minutes” and “streaming now” helps the user to keep a check of the matches and removes the possibility of missing a match.


Streamhd is a sports streaming website that provides HD streaming links for live matches. This website has a logo and user interface similar to ESPN. Matches are displayed on the homepage along with their date as well as starting time.

You can select a match among the displayed ones or search for a match through the search bar. Upon selecting a match, you’ll be provided with multiple links. These links are completely safe to stream and wouldn’t cause any trouble for you. If the site fails to open, use a VPN and try again.


Livestreams lets you not only stream college football matches online, but also matches of various other sports. On this website, matches can only be streamed live. So you cannot watch previous matches or their clips on livestreams.

There are different sections and sorting option the matches are displayed in. You can know about the match’s start time, end time, home team, opposition team and the league that the match belongs to. All the sports have a menu of their own through which the browsing can be simplified.


Vipbox is one of the very few sports streaming websites that does not require the use of a VPN to browse it. It has the best user interface out of all the websites mentioned in the list. The homepage is filled with various different sports along with their icon or thumbnail.

You can select a sport, select the match that you wish to stream and at last, select the streaming link that you think is suitable to stream through. Sections such as “live now” and “upcoming” lets you keep a track of the matches that are currently taking place as well as the matches that are going to take place in the near future.

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It is difficult to find a decent website to stream college football online. However, we’ve created a list of such streaming sites that you can choose from. Some of these sites might have pop-ups which might lead you to download certain irrelevant and unnecessary things. Make sure you do not fall into one of such pop-up ads. Comment below and let us know which site according to you is the best among the ones mentioned above.